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September 25, 2019#Dev tools, #JavaScript


A really simple one, this is, but oh how it blew my mind! In your JavaScript code, insert debugger; where you might want a breakpoint. Refresh your browser with dev tools open, and voila! The debugger pauses execution at the debugger statement.

Compared to console logging

Using the debugger statement is less typing than console logging, and you get all the variables that are in scope. You also get the ability to step and can see how stuff changes. When console logging it might be hard to know when stuff happens, and that might lead to a wrong idea of what’s actually happening.

Compared to setting breakpoints directly in the browser’s dev tools.

I’m a keyboard person. If I can avoid mousing around, I’ll avoid it. Using the debugger statement, I can edit my code, alt+tab to the browser, refresh and see what’s up, and alt+tab back to the editor. I don’t need the mouse unless I want to start stepping through the code, and that probably means taking a break from editing anyways.

Written by Simon Wessel.